Confidence Coaching for Women

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Confident Parenting

Love & Other Super Powers

Mothers are beautiful, complicated, generous beings who somehow manage to gracefully hold the family together despite being pulled in 100 different directions. Unfortunately, our ability to be all things to all people can also undermine our well-being when we put everyone else first, take on too many projects, fail to stand up for ourselves when it matters or forget to take care of our own needs. Working with a coach can help you gain a sense of control over the daily chaos, approach everyday parenting challenges with courage and self-compassion, and use your strengths to redefine what motherhood means to you.

Your coach will teach you to:

  • Set & achieve positive parenting goals

  • Become decisive & self-assured

  • Take control of your schedule & priorities

  • Set loving boundaries for your kids

  • Accept yourself as you are

  • Speak up for what you need

  • Prioritize self-care so you can be there for others

  • Become a powerful role model for your family

  • Handle setbacks & disappointments with grace

  • Communicate with confidence


Confident Balance

Self-Care & Joyful Pursuits

Women are a force of nature. We juggle work priorities, piano recitals, sports practices, dentist appointments, playdates, birthdays and anniversaries like a seasoned pro (and still find time to take care of sick kids, aging parents and the dog). With such full plates it can seem impossible to prioritize self-care or – heaven forbid – fun. But if you really want to support the people you love it’s essential to take good care of your body, mind and spirit.


Working with a coach can help you create the space to make your personal goals a priority. Whether you struggle to stick with an exercise regimen, have a passion or hobby you’d love to find time for, are ready to tick a few items off your bucket list – or you simply fantasize about taking some “me time” without feeling guilty – a coach will help you set goals, build rock-solid confidence, and fearlessly take on even the most daunting challenge.

It’s time for you to:

  • Figure out what makes you happy (and go after it)

  • Schedule regular, guilt-free "me time"

  • Start – and stick to – an exercise program

  • De-clutter your calendar & your life

  • Pursue a hobby or passion project

  • Love your perfectly imperfect self

  • Tick something major off your bucket list

  • Be surprised by what you can achieve


Confident Relationships

Passion & Authenticity

Relationships can provide meaningful connections and fulfill our most basic needs for belonging and love. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship, hoping to meet someone special or seeking more positive connections with family, friends or colleagues, there’s no reason to take a passive role in crafting the life that you want. A coach is a trusted guide who can help you define your personal goals and values, have the courage to be vulnerable and authentic with others, and cultivate relationships that are satisfying and enjoyable.

Your coach will help you:

  • Define your values & relationship goals

  • Set realistic expectations for yourself and others

  • Cultivate self-love & self-acceptance

  • Trust your intuition when meeting new people

  • Be authentic in all areas of your life

  • Know when to compromise & when to stand firm

  • Love & accept your perfect imperfections

  • Express yourself with confidence & poise

  • Open yourself to new possibilities


Confident Career

Professional Strategy & Vision

Are you ready to take control of your career and align your work with your passion? Coaching is a powerful tool that can super-charge your professional development and create a deeply satisfying career. Whether your goal is to become a more assertive leader, start a new business, communicate with confidence or simply take control of your schedule, a high-impact coaching program can help you go from good to great in any area you choose.

You'll discover how to:

  • Assert yourself with confidence & poise
  • Develop your own leadership style

  • Start a side gig that feeds your passion

  • Get back to work after having kids

  • Transition into an active retirement

  • Know when – and how – to ask for a raise 

  • Embrace your inner entrepreneur 

  • Showcase your talents at work 

  • Find and follow your life’s purpose


Learn how you can become more powerful, confident & self-assured.

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Working with Eva is an absolute pleasure. From the beginning, she was invested in my success and worked closely with me to achieve my goals. She creates a positive and safe environment that allows for meaningful conversations, followed by an executable plan.

Altair G.