• Eva Bart-Williams

Your Inner Self is Ready for a Celebration

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

There’s nothing wrong with you. Let me repeat that: there’s nothing wrong with you. You are enough. Your brain may have forgotten who you are, but your inner self remembers. Your inner self is vibrant and audacious and it knows for certain that you’re a phenomenal, beautiful woman who’s full of dreams and ambitions and positive potential. As you read this and try to brush off the idea of doing a tango with life, your inner self is performing virtual somersaults and waving a gold-calligraphy-embossed invitation to try to get your attention.

Wake up. While you’ve quietly filled your life with work and kids and family and friends – and all of the other obligations that pile up and leave no time for you – your inner self is crying out for you to please set it free. It’s trying to whisper to you behind the noise of your busy-ness. If you haven’t been listening, maybe it’s starting to send messages through your body instead: keeping you up at night with insomnia, or sending you headaches or bouts of panicky anxiety that feel like the walls are closing in. When you let the craziness of life take the lead for long enough it’s hard to hear when your inner self is whispering to you. After a while, feeling overwhelmed becomes normal and you forget that your life could be any different.

Love yourself. Taking a step back to relax is for women who are less busy, less stressed, less needed than you, right? Maybe. But your inner self knows that you’re more than a spouse, a mother, an employee, a friend or a caregiver. It sees you being a superwoman in every area of your life and it knows all the identities you take on in service of others are valuable and needed. But let’s be honest: the price you pay for always being there for everyone but yourself can take a toll on your health and your sanity. If all of your time is spent tending to others, how will you have the energy to keep going? Who will take care of your health, happiness and peace of mind? It’s time to stop and heed that inner voice that says, “There's more to life than this.” Give yourself the gift of enjoying things that are good and whole and nurturing.

Have courage. First, believe that more is possible, even if fear tries to convince you otherwise. Imagine a future that’s balanced between giving to others, taking care of your well-being and pursuing your wildest dreams. What do you love to do? How would you like to spend your time? When you’re 90, what do you want to look back and say you accomplished during your lifetime? Open your heart, be still and listen to your inner voice. It might seem heart-thumping-sweaty-palms-can’t-breathe-scary to step outside the usual routine and roles that you play. Maybe it feels safer to distract yourself with food or work, or living vicariously through your kids or strangers on social media, than to take a chance at having a different life. But this lifetime of yours is precious. Living life to the fullest requires taking chances and chasing dreams and making the most of every single moment.

This is it. If you’re feeling scared, ask yourself this: what’s the worst thing that can happen? If you put yourself out there and fall just short of reaching your goals, so what? Even if you don’t end up where you planned at least you’ll have moved a few steps ahead of where you are now. You’ll also get the bonus of becoming more courageous, confident and excited, knowing that you’re capable of taking risks and going after something that matters to you. And if you do reach your goals, what a celebration you will have! Knowing that you didn’t play small – that you used your gifts and took the chance to live life to its fullest – will send your inner self into high-fiving, tap-dancing ecstasy. You’ll get to look in the mirror at a joyful, smiling face that honors saying “yes!” to what’s possible, pursues meaning and purpose – and is brave enough to own who you were born to become. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

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Eva Bart-Williams is a mental performance and life coach who helps women own their power and reach their true potential. Eva coaches clients worldwide via video conference and can be reached at .

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