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Eva Bender

Confidence Coach

As a coach, my goal is to help women own their power and reach their true potential. So many women wish their lives were different in big and small ways, yet they may spend years waiting to find the right time to make changes. My work is dedicated to helping women find the courage to transform their relationships, create meaningful work, make choices that support their well-being, and excel at mental and physical challenges they once considered impossible.

My own life’s challenges have given me deep compassion for women’s journeys. I know what it’s like to balance being a mom, partner, housekeeper, chef, athlete, event planner, caretaker – and still show up every morning for a corporate job. I understand the difficulties of losing a loved one, getting divorced, and having to reinvent yourself when you no longer recognize your life. I’ve been that painfully shy girl who freezes anytime the spotlight is on her. I’ve pivoted careers, started new businesses, and learned the hard way how to take good care of myself and communicate my needs to others. It’s from these and many other experiences that I’ve gained unshakable confidence – and the ability to hold a space for my clients' hopes, dreams and aspirations to unfold.


Everyone has the capacity to transform their life. My job is to help you set goals, overcome obstacles and stay focused on creating what you want. I’m also here to give you unwavering support and a nudge forward when you need it. I work with busy moms, entrepreneurs, athletes, executives and a variety of women from around the world who are tired of just getting by and are ready to make positive changes and experience more joy and satisfaction.


Now is the time for you to start creating a life you’re proud of. One that has meaning and depth and that brings you joy. I’m excited to join you on your path of transformation and can’t wait to get started working together!


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Do you have the courage to make your dreams a reality?

I believe that the time for playing small, asking permission and backing away from the spotlight is over. That strategy didn’t help our grandmothers, aunties, or mothers – and it sure isn’t helping us live brilliant, meaningful lives. If we want to create lives that we’re passionate about, it’s time to step up and commit to taking action.

The answers are inside you

The path that's in front of you requires a new set of skills and a whole lot of courage. Our mission is to help you recognize your power and unleash your strengths to create the life you’ve always wanted. For us, this is personal and we’re 100% committed to your success. I know that every journey is unique and I’ll help you develop the vision, focus and a commitment to reach the goals that matter to you.


Confidence is crafted from experience

Confidence coaching is a powerful tool that can lead to breakthroughs in every part of your life. Whatever you wish to achieve, as your coach I'm 100% invested in your success and will be there to guide, support and cheer you on throughout your journey. I understand that your dreams and challenges are unlike anyone else’s and I'll use a compassionate, action-focused approach that’s tailored to get results just for you.


It’s time to own your power and have the confidence to:

  • Love and accept yourself

  • Become mentally calm and unshakable

  • Be a strong role model for your kids

  • Create meaningful relationships at home and at work

  • Get your to-do list under control

  • Accomplish your professional goals

  • Become fit and healthy

  • Set clear boundaries as a parent, partner, coworker and friend

  • Fearlessly go after your dreams


And so much more!​


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It’s time to believe in yourself and have the confidence to go after your dreams.


RuthAnn Ritter

Eva is a skilled listener and offers unwavering support. She asks me questions I often don’t have the courage to ask myself, paves the way for me to see what I need to do next, and helps me set goals that bring me closer to where I want to be.

RuthAnn R.